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Dude Shooter

Fat Dude Shooter with Hangnail

Product ID#: FDS14, FDS19, FDS24P, FDS36, FDS48

"Ain't no ordinary P-Shooter."

Dudes, again we listened to all of your needs and wants and developed the best tool for your jobs.

  1. We were the first to put a hefty 2-1/2lb drive handle on the tool to make driving the nails easier and faster.
  2. We were the first to spring load the shaft which allows the nail to set down into the tube making for one hand operation (pointing up). More importantly is the safety feature of the spring.  Ever get your hand pinched between the tube and handle?  Only one thing hurts more and that involves something getting caught in a zipper.  With the spring in place, even if you get your hand in the way it won’t get pinched.
  3. We were the first to have the “HANGNAIL” a device that holds the nail in the tube in the downward position.  Now you can reach into forms, trenches etc. and do your nailing where a hammer or nail gun can’t reach.  Speaking of can’t reach;
  4. We were the first to offer extended lengths for those special projects where standard just won’t do.
  5. We are probably the only tool manufacturer making all our tools in the USA.